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Meet Kevin

Mens Leadership Coach

Hi, I'm Kevin Davidson, Mens Leadership Coach and founder of Mindful Masculinity.


I inspire professional men to be more impactful, take ownership, and release themselves to feel more complete to enjoy better relationships, health and prosperity.

As a recovering Mr Nice Guy, I know how it feels to live life for the approval of others.

When the approval tap ran dry it left me with feelings of hurt, envy and jealousy.

Deep down I knew I was operating inauthentically and hiding the real me, but old habits die hard...

It took many years and considerable investment into self-development courses and books for me to reveal my true self and live aligned with my core values.

However, I realised that there's always a higher level to reach. I wanted to help other men struggling with lives similar to what I had been experiencing.

While I had great relationships, health and prosperity there was always a distinct feeling of a lack of freedom and fulfilment.

"There's always a Higher Level for you to reach!"

  • "How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?"

  • "My No. 1 priority as your coach is to help you to get there!"

I have operated throughout the globe working with men to change their MINDSET which deters and influences their behaviour for achieving the results they truly want, because of pride, fear and cynicism.

Remove the Mask. Reveal the Man.

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